5 Minutes Hair Styles for the Busy Mom

We all have those days where our hair just doesn’t do what we want it to.  Sometime you just need a fresh new idea to get your hair done quickly but still look good. Here are a few ideas I like to throw in to mix things up!

This cute low bun is cute for any event and can be done in a matter of minutes. Source couldn’t be found.

Bored of those messy curls? Try adding this sweet and simple Half Side Braid by Lauren McBride.

Here is a cute messy bun for the new moms out there who just don’t have time to do something fancy! Courtesy of Beauty Finals.

Love this cute headband braid.  If you are good with braiding this could be a quick do to classy up any outfit!  Tutorial by Missy Sue.

This is my go to when I want some loose curls without spending hours trying to perfect them!  Found on Pinterest but could not find source.

Once you get the hang of this it’s so quick and easy to do, for those days when you just don’t have time! Source Dani Marie

If you are like me and like your hair down but the pieces around your face just don’t want to cooperate this is a great alternative! Tutorial by Missy Sue.

Another great one by Missy Sue. You don’t need long hair to accomplish this look.  It’s just as cute with short to medium length hair!

You’ve seen the messy top knot, how about a messy low knot! Source @twistmepretty.

Love this look with some left over curls from the day before, just touch up a couple by your face and throw the top section of hair into a messy bun and wah la you’re done! Courtesy of Latest Hairstyles

Thanks for checking out this blog.  I hope you enjoyed.  If you wish to see more in the future let me know in the comments below!

xo – Stephanie


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