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I have two very simple addictions in life.  Online shopping and reading good books! Someone found a way to collaborate these into book box subscriptions!  I am looking for some feedback from you.  I haven’t ordered any of these yet but would really love to.  What are some of your thoughts?  Share with us down in the comments!


Book of the Month:

This is my first choice right now.  Very simple they give you 5 choices of books and you pick which one you would like, or let them decide for you and get a fun little surprise every month! New members get a choice of 1, 2 or 3 months sign up for $9.99 a month. Or you can send it as a gift to the book lover in your life! Downfall to this one, is that it seems it is only available in the States.  If you wanted to check out their site please click here.

Bookishly’s Tea and Book Club:

I absolutely love the idea of this subscription. Every month you receive a surprise vintage book, 4 bags of gourmet tea, and some delightful Bookishly stationary. There is also a choice of coffee and books if you would prefer that over tea! There are 4 subscription options, you can do month to month for 12 Euros per month.  3 months for 36 Euro’s, 6 months for 72 Euro’s, and12 months for 144 Euro’s. This box ships internationally which is definitely a bonus! And again you can always send as a gift! However I did read some negative reviews on this one about the vintage books falling apart or smelling funny or having torn pages. Now i personally love walking into an old book store I strive off that smell, if i could bottle it and to sell I would trust me so I feel like you would need to take this with a great offence.  If you wanted more information on Bookishly please visit their site here, or google for some more reviews.



OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box for people who love Young Adult literature. Every month they send you a highly anticipated new YA release, as well as 3-5 bookish items (such as fandom jewelry, collectible toys, bookmarks, and more!). Each box will also include exclusive content from authors and publishers too! They ship anywhere in the world, with different shipping costsfor different areas.  They also have a Junior’s version for kids 8-12 which is just awesome for the littles in your life who love to read.  Why not add more excitement to their reading with this monthly subscription! Check out OwlCrate here.


Once Upon A book Club:

Once Upon a Book Club is a uniquely engaging book subscription box. Instead of just sending along books and bookish items, this monthly subscription box sends you one book and a series of individually wrapped packages, each with a numbered tag that corresponds to a page in the book. As you read and come across those pages, you’ll open the packages and reveal items that relate to that moment in the story! They have two options for this subscription as well, you can either opt for Young Adult or just General. The boxes are $34.99 for 1 month, $100.99 for 3 months, $199.00 for 6 months, and $390.00 for 12 months. Check out their site here for more information about their boxes and reviews of past boxes!

Cozy Reader Club:

Cozy Reader Club is a monthly book subscription box. In each box, they include a recently released hardcover women’s fiction novel, handmade items, coffee or tea (or hot chocolate), and a gourmet treat! Down side you don’t get to pick your drink every month, so if you aren’t a tea fan you will not get the choice of something else, and it is a bit pricier than some of the other boxes. Month to month for this subscription is $64.95, for 3 Month subscription is $179.99. Check out their page here.

Uppercase YA:

Uppercase is a YA book subscription box from Lisa Parkin. Each month Uppercase sends you a new YA book, a related accessory, and exclusive content from the author of the chosen book. If you are a lover of YA I would suggest checking out some of theirpast boxes, they seem to have some pretty good content. Subscriptions for Uppercase have two options The Expert Plan for $23 per month, which includes brand new hardcover Young Adult Book, signed Book or Bookplate Signed by the Author, 1-2 High-Quality exclusive bookish items, reading experience with exclusive content and personal handwritten note to you. Or The Book Exclusive Plan, which includes everything from the Expert planbut the 1-2 high quality bookish items. This choice is $13.99 per month.

Powell’s Books Indiespensable:

Powell’s subscription club delivers the best new books, with special attention to independent publishers. Signed first editions. Inventive, original sets. Exclusive printings…. Every six to eight weeks, another installment to read and admire. Plus, everypackage is stocked with exciting surprises! There is only one option for this subscription of $44.95 every 6-8 weeks. If you live outside ofUS you will also incur a $12 shipping charge. I feel this is quite a hefty cost for so little compared to other boxes out there. And you don’t have a choice of style of book so if you are a picky reader this may not be the best book box choice.

Muse Monthly:

Muse Monthly is another subscription boxfor lovers of books and tea. Every month, they deliver a new novel and tea pairing to your doorstep, along with tea and book related gifts and goodies.  Seems to be a theme trending with the books and tea! This box has some great reviews, though I do see that again the shippingcostscan be quite high. Three subscription choices $29.50 per month, $88.50 for 3 months, and $159 for 6 months.

LitJoy Crate:

LitJoy is for the younger audiences.  Each box includes a carefully selected new release book and 3-5 quality book-themed items. Choose from children’s book boxes or young adult book box.  This box is great to get your kids excited about reading. The Children’s and YA boxes cost $29.99 monthly, $86.97 for a 3-month pre-pay, or $167.94 for a 6-month pre-pay. The Middle Grade box costs$34.99/quarter. Add $8.99 USPS flat-rate shipping, $14.99 shipping to Canada, and $24.99 international shipping.

The Nocturnal Reader’s Box:

If you want to steer away from the YA fiction books this may be the box for you. The Nocturnal Readers Box is a monthly subscription service that specializes in bringing customers new and exciting books from well-established authors to lesser known ones. They curate their merchandise to keep with the theme of the books for a given month. The Cost: $35.00 for the month to month subscription. There is a price break for 3 and 6-month prepaid subscriptions. US shipping is an $8.00 flat fee. Shipping to Canada and Internationally will be more. These babies sell out quick by the looks of it and reviews are great! This is a box worth checking out!


I can’t wait to dig deeper into one or more of these boxes and get back to you on my results.  If you beat me to it, please leave a comment below on which box and if you enjoyed your products!  Happy Reading!


xo – Stephanie


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