Canadian Organically Made Baby Must Have Products

So as a first time mom I have been scouring the internet for locally made baby EVERYTHING! I love supporting local, farmers markets are amazing. With a new baby on the way I really wanted to see what was out there that was made without chemicals, or preservatives.  I want to bring my baby into this world on a good note.  And what better way than with locally supported, safe products! These people dedicate their time and lives to their business for the enjoyment of others, and something about that is just so pure and beautiful.  I wanted to share with you some of the amazing companies I’ve come across in my searches for anyone interest!


First off I am going to start with someone I actually personally know and love, who has just gotten into the baby market with bum creams, baby powders, and more!  She is very passionate about her trade and loves every minute of creating new things. I can’t wait to see how far she goes. Check out Lotus Holistics, from Whitecourt, AB. She also has a fabulous skin care line she handcrafts herself, which I have personally sampled multiple times.  Her charcoal soap in particular is my favorite!  I have terrible acne especially while pregnant and it really helps settle down those pesky breakouts! I am also hearing some really great stuff about her new face masks! Can’t wait to give them a try, and I will make sure to update you when I do!


Teaming up with Lotus Holistics is Gosling Diaper Company, from Edmonton, AB.  Jennifer Kearns is quickly growing in the cloth diaper industry.  Out of necessity for her own children Jen started sewing cloth diapers and has made it her passion.  Along with cloth diapers Jen has expanded into hooded towels, face cloths, and more! And it’s all so adorable you can’t resist! Absolutely love everything she makes.  Check out her Etsy shop here!  Jen will be appearing at a market here in my hometown, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table! I would love to try out cloth diapering for my own child, but my husband has put a kibosh on that idea very quickly (LOL) so someone will need to update me on their own experiences with Gosling Diaper, cloth diapers.  However I am very excited to purchase a couple of her hooded towels and matching cloths to add to our bathroom!



My sister actually got me hooked on this next lady. K’Pure Naturals from Mission, BC has a line of natural room and linen sprays, essential oils sprays, bath products, and so much more.  And bonus they have Gift baskets for that perfect Baby Shower present! If you get nothing else from this shop, let the one thing be the Dream Catcher spray. Help you and baby get that good night sleep you’ve been craving, I know it’s already in my shopping cart! I will keep you posted on how well it works for me and baby!


Adventure Nests & Co (newly renamed) from Edmonton, AB makes a custom baby nest for every style!  These adorable nest come in a variety of sizes and are reversible! The lightweight, safety tested design makes it perfect for on the go!  Or if you are like myself and my husband and enjoy the camping season these would be great little spot for baby to nap! Check out her website here!


I came across Nest and Nurture from Okanagan Valley, BC on Facebook through some friends.  These clothes are so cute!  And all made from new or reclaimed material! Definitely worth checking out!


Love Child Organic is actually a very well known company, however did you know that the are Canadian? Love Child Organic based in Toronto, ON make delicious, nutritionally-focused organic food for babies and young children! Our children deserve the best possible start in life and that begins with the food they eat. They are available at many major retailers such as Walmart, and Amazon.


Nene and Bambino, from Kelowna, BC makes the most adorable wooden baby accessories! I love the natural feel of these toys!  Check out the Etsy shop here! Tell me they aren’t cute!


Looking for some organic fabric to wrap that beautiful new baby in?  Check out Mitani Designs from Vancouver, BC etsy shop.  They create beautiful blankets, duvet covers, sheets, skirts, pillowcases, hooded towels, burp cloths, bunting flag garlands, curtain panels, and wall art. As of currently I believe they are taking a short break from work but will hopefully be back very soon.


Along with Mitani Designs are four other creative mompreneurs who have banded together to inspire, support and encourage each other and our fellow entrepreneurial ladies. Individually they are Trae Designs | Vagabond Babe | Feelin It Decals | Baby Bushel + Peck.  Together they are the Squamish Maker Collective.  Check out their collaborated gift boxes, perfect for a shower gift or even a treat just for you!


These are just a handful of amazing talented and wonderful people who are following their passions and creating amazing products!  I hope you enjoyed looking through and I hope you stopped and shopped a bit through the pages and supported all local talent!  If you are a Canadian entrepreneur and have an online shop you would like to share or you know of any local shops you love and want to share please leave a comment down below I would love to see more, and maybe do another post! Sending out lots of Love!

xo – Stephanie






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