FabFitFun 2017 Fall Box


Hey Everyone!  So I got my fall box in the mail yesterday and thought Iwould share what I got in it.  This post is just for fun, I am notadvertising for them and I do not have a promo code to get you money off yournextbox, but I do believe this is one of the better boxes I have gottenfrom my subscription.  If you would like to visit FabFitFun and check out theirprices please click the link.  Please ignore the bad lighting in the photo’s I just took them quickly so they are definitely not professionally done!

The box itself this season is so beautiful!  I love the colors.  When you open the box you get a copy of their little magazine.  It generally has some interesting stuff to look through, and goes over how much everything in your box is worth!  FabFitFun is also abigsupporter/contributortocharities, so every box they bring awareness to a different cause. For this Fallboxthey included some information on UNICEF.  For more information or to donate please click here.

Ok Let’s jump right in shall we? These beautiful “Cozy Wrap” is so unbelievably soft!  Like I unwrapped it and just wanted to cuddle up in itfor the rest of the day.  And I will admit I did actually later that night! It is going to be the perfect accessory this fall for any look! My box came with the Grey one, but it was also available in blue and pink!

Next up was the Molr C+C (carbon + coconut) activatedCharcoaltoothwhitening.  I was so excited to see this in my box.  I have been wanting to try charcoal toothpaste for awhile now! I gave it a golast night and I didn’t feel it actually freshened my breath at all so I will definitelybebrushing with my regular toothpaste first from nowon and then following up with this.  You teeth stay a bit black for a couple minutes after use, don’t be alarmed it does goes away!

We also got a treStique matte color and shiny balm lip crayon.  This Ibelieve also came in two colors, I got the shade Florence Fig.  It is abeautiful color and the balm part is actually very soft, it’s not sticky likea lot of shiny balms are!

The Whish Renewing Mud Mask gave my skin a nice healthy glow and I will say after the one use I tried last night my skin was very soft.  Though I do feel if you are going to be using this product twice a week like the packaging suggests, that it probably won’t last that long so make sureyou stock up before you run out!

The Coxet Wire heart jewelry holder is the pretty add on to any nightstand or bathroom cabinet! It’s sleek and simple and works perfectly to display all those hard earned accessories!

This TJD cable knit beanie is perfect for the cooler days ahead for sure!  This picture is terrible lighting, this hat is actually a very light blushcolor.  It was also available in black, you either received one of these or a trendybelt.

Then there was the DECO cuticle oil.  Which I mean who doesn’t use cuticle oil!  And this handly little one can fit right in my purse!  Perfect travel size!

FabFitFun always has one sponsored item in every box and this time it was Cottonelle fresh care wipes! I love this, these are flushable on the go hygiene wipes and I really who couldn’t use these.  Basically baby wipes for adults!  These are already in my diaper bag ready to go any time!

I think this gym bag was what I was most excited for and it came at the perfect time, as I just broke the zipper of my current gym bag! It’s so cute!  And bonus you don’t need it for the gym how about loading it up for those overnight trips, or using it as your carry on for your next flight!  The sky is the limit with this bag!

Speaking of travel, this is going to go everywhere with me!  How handy is it that it can be both hot and cold!  Love that.  I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to get an ice pack and can’t find it but hey look there’s the magic bag or heating pad… I think this will be another item I add to my diaper bag!


This fall box has been outstanding probably the best one I have seen yet.  I signed up for a full year and this was my last box before renewal and I am glad it was! You definitely get your money’s worth with these boxes.  That beanie alone was $49 US.  That’s the whole cost of one box! Can’t go wrong there. If you like subscription boxes and were unsure about FabFitFun I hope this swayed you. Tell me your favorite from the fall box in the comments below I’d love to hear from you!


xo – Stephanie


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