10 Tips to Organize a Small Bathroom

Living in an older home, all my bathrooms are very small.  Especially my ensuite (I know lucky I even have one) I have no where to store any personal items and it makes the bathroom feel very cluttered and messy. However a few of these simple tips can really help!

Source: yourhouseandgarden.com

First things first get that small counter top cleaned off. When you already have limited space there is no reason you should be cluttering it up with multiple products.  Get it off your counter with this simple and cute shelving idea. Easily doable with a few power tools, and I know there are some cheap substitutes that you can get from your local dollar store!


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I love this idea to display your jewelry if you have the wall space. And if you have access to nature it’s even a cheap DIY!  You would only need to prime the wood so it didn’t split and dry out, attach the string to hang with and purchase some some hooks to display your jewelry from.  If you aren’t crafty you can also buy this piece from Etsy at the attached link above.


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Again if you have wall space and no counter top this is a great way to personalize your everyday necessities.  And it’s completely customizable to your taste!


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This is a great way to organize your makeup on your counter, and you can get one of these at the dollar store for super cheap!  No point running up the back account when you can get the look for half the price.  If you can’t find one at the dollar store in a color that matches your bathroom get some paint paint and jazz it up a bit!


Source: cosmopolitan.com

This is great to put your hot tools away and keep your cords wrapped tight.  However you would have to wait until the tools have cooled before storing them so if waiting is an issue you may need another alternative.  See below. However this is a very cost wise choice! And easy set up to boot!


Source: Dream Green DIY

If you are in a hurry on the way out the door don’t want to wait for your straightener to cool off before putting it away.  This metal file box is a great way to achieve that and still give your bathroom that clean classic stylish look! Plus if you don’t like the look you could attach it inside a cupboard, or closet. No muss no fuss


Source: Cosmopolitan

A show organizer is a great way to tidy up everything in your bathroom. No counter space no problem! You can find a shoe organizer pretty well anywhere for quite cheap to!


Source: Neat House Sweet Home

Have trouble keeping under you sink tidy?  Try using some baskets, or trays from the dollar store to keep everything organized!


Source: The Budget Decorator

This DIY laundry basket is perfect for any bathroom.  Store towels, toilet paper use a square basket and add magazines or reading material.  Customize it any way that best suits your needs!


Source: There was a Crooked House

Put a bathroom spin on this cute idea.  Use a small hand towel bar, with “S” hooks and personalize the buckets with a label maker for each child to have their own place to put stuff away in!


All of these amazing organizational ideas are perfect for some money saving tips and tricks. Let me know what you think of these, and what your personal small space organizational tricks are.


xo – Stephanie


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