Comfort Crockpot Recipes

With cooler weather setting in, I thought it would be a nice idea to show you my top 10 go to crockpot recipes.  I always feel so much lazier when the cold weather hits, become a complete hermit these recipes make it easy for me to get supper on the table every night.  I hope you enjoy.  And if you have any fan favorites you want to share please leave it in the comments below I would love to hear them!


I love this recipe by Cooking Classy.  It’s super simple and quick to put together and it’s definitely a favorite in my house.  My husband having high cholesterol this is one meal we do not feel guilty eating.  We always choose low fat wraps to pair this with or shred the chicken and add over rice. I also like to add a bit of cilantro once on my plate for a bit of added flavor!  If you want less juice I would also suggest draining your tomatoes before adding to the pot, you can always save it and add bits at a time if you need to.


I like to make these slow cooker stuffed peppers by Chef Savvy, when I have leftover rice in the fridge as you need pre-cooked rice anyways and this saves me time. We make these with ground turkey (I love using ground turkey instead of hamburger when I can) and top with salsa and for my husband we use plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It’s great for those days you need some comfort food.


Crockpot Perogie Casserole by Daily DIY Life is a special treat in our house and something that is throughly enjoyed by all!  Again this dish is simple quick to put together and most supplies you probably already have on hand! We use regular perogies that you can get from any supermarket as we have a pretty limited selection in our small hometown and it works just as well as the mini’s suggested in the recipe. This dish is perfection!


Always a classic.  Crock Pot Roast with Vegetables by Yummy Healthy easy.  I strongly feel that browning the roast before putting it into the crockpot is essential! Seals that moisture and flavor in so much more!  And who doesn’t love a perfectly slow cooked roast on a cold night.


I’ve already admitted to loving the use of ground turkey when possible, and the best possible way to use ground turkey you may ask?  Oh ya it’s gotta be Turkey Chili.  This recipe by Ambitious Kitchen is just perfection. I like to add in great northern beans and pinto beans for more texture and to fill it with even more goodness and protein but that is a personal preference, I know some people who would rather not have any beans in their chili so do what suits your fancy!


I am always on the lookout for a good chicken and dumplings recipe, they are never as good as grandma used to make but this one is a close second!  Spend with Pennies has a great recipe here and I really enjoyed it.  I grabbed the Pillsbury biscuit in the tube to use for this and it worked out pretty decent, i’m sure there are probably some better alternatives out there or if you have a recipe for homemade even better!


Creamy hot chocolate after a day of tobogganing what could be more perfect! This recipe from No Biggie is quick and easy and the kids in your life will love it!  Want to flavor it?  Sub out the heavy cream for the coffee creamer of your choosing (possibly pumpkin spice?) and wala something that’s entirely your own! Garnish with peppermint sticks and whip cream for a little extra!


Everyone’s favorite.  Mac and Cheese.  This to me will always be a better choice than powdered cheese from a box. Helpful tip, use some cooking spray and line your edges before you add your ingredients.  I like to add in some monterey jack and parmesan cheeses to add a bit more flavor and if you like add some pre cooked bacon, or crab for an added treat!


Ever feel like lasagna is just too time consuming, there for it’s something you just don’t make very often anymore?  Well no more excuses. It’s always Autumn has outlined how to make this family favorite in the crockpot.  I know we all have our own ways to make lasagna, or at least I know I do so I used this recipe for an outline, and subbed in my own style. Tasty no matter how you make it!


I am a sucker for anything chocolate, so you could imagine why I was drawn to this beautiful work of art. Haha. Crazy for Crust basically brought my dreams to life, with this recipe.  I dare you not to fall in love with this!  It’s great to make when entertaining, put it in the crockpot to cook and scoop out and serve after your meal!  So convenient! And what’s better than a warm brownie?  Nothing the answer is nothing.

I hope you enjoyed all of my favorites and gave a couple a try.  If you have any crockpot favorites that you would like to share please do so in the comments I would love to hear them! And I would love to hear what you thought of these ones!  HappyCrock Potting!


xo – Stephanie

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