DIY no chemical home scents for Fall

Let’s be honest the best part about Fall has to be the amazing scents. The problem with scentsy is the tip-ability when all the littles are around.  Same goes with candles, and any type of wax burner.  Now I am a huge fan of scentsy, bath and body works and anything that makes my house smell good, and strategically placed you don’t have to worry about any sticky fingers playing in the wax.  But why not try a better more child friendly version, that’s all organic and chemical free?  How could you go wrong!

Melissa from The happier homemaker put together this recipe for a simmering autumn pot, with apples, oranges, cinnamon,and vanilla extract.  Better than baking!


Who doesn’t love the smell of pumpkin pie!  Jump on the pumpkin scented band wagon and scent your house with this simple simmer pot.  Posted by Cindy Insley.  If you don’t want to put this on the stove, try adding the ingredients to your wax warmer with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil.


Cinnamon Orange Slow Cooker Potpourri by The Novice Chef will make you feel like you’ve bottled Fall and unleashed it in your home. Put on high with the lid off and check back every so often to add more water.  


A Simple Fall Smell by The Krazy Coupon Lady lemon rinds, apple peels, cinnamon sticks, and whole clove. I love this one because you aren’t throwing whole fruit in which let’s face it isn’t going to be the cheapest option.  

This Simmering Stovetop Potpourri for Fall by Mommypotamus, similar to The Simmering Autumn pot has apples and oranges, however it’s just the rinds so you aren’t using a whole fruit with some added spices to help Spice up your life 😉


Christmas scents are okay in Fall to right?  This Slow Cooker Potpourri by Don’t waste the Crumbs is a bouquet of warmth for your home.  And it’s nice in Fall and Winter.  


Some people may consider this a winter smell, but I disagree. This can be just as lovely for the Fall as well, and hey if it gets you in the Christmas spirit even better! Half Baked Harvest has outlined how to put this beautiful pot together.

A Beautiful Mess has the right idea with this potpourri.  It’s not only aromatic, but it’s also gorgeous!  Check out all of her fantastic idea on her page.


When I think Fall i think coffee, what goes better together?  Try this aromatically pleasing simmer pot by Instrupix to brighten up your home! Best part is, you don’t need to waste coffee, just use your used ones!

The best part about any of these, is just through all of the ingredients sans water into a mason jar, decorate with ribbon and a small instruction sheet.  And Wa La perfect DIY holiday gifts!  If you have tried these and made them your own I would love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment below.


xo – Stephanie


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