Flawless 5 Minute Makeup

Don’t have time to do your makeup today? Keep it simple with these flawless tips to make the most of the precious time you have.

1. Skip the primer

For the everyday look primer is not necessary. If you are someone who uses primer on a regular basis by all means continue. However if you’re someone unsure of your makeup routines as is, it’s not always necessary. Sometimes I find if you are using the wrong primer it can cause build up and cause your makeup to cake throughout the day anyways. So save yourself the step. But make sure to take the time after cleansing to moisturize and apply SPF if your moisturizer doesn’t have any. Always prep your skin properly for the best look!

2. Concealer

Make concealer your best friend on busy days. Add a good concealer to your under eyes, and any problem areas you feel need some extra attention. Gently blend these areas with a beauty blender or brush. I see a lot of people use their fingers to blend out makeup. If you feel comfortable with this great. However if you have acne prone skin I would highly suggest a beauty blender or brush for this task. Fingers, even clean, will spread bacteria on your skin which will cause more acne. And rubbing the concealer in can cause any dry irritated areas to become even worse. Keep it simple and gentle dab the concealer, this will save you time in the long run trust me.

3. Use a Powder Foundation

Once your concealer is blended out, and those problem areas are taken care of, skip the liquid foundations. Try your hand at a pressed foundation and gentle press onto entire face. Since we usually use powder after our foundation anyways take away a step and cut a couple minutes off your daily routine.

4. Don’t skip the Color

You should always make time to add some dimension to your skin. Ideally when we apply foundations we are taking away any color on our face just to add it again. So without some blush and bronzer or contour we might as well be an undefined ghost. Color up your cheeks and give yourself a healthy glow. You’ll be happy you did.

5. Curl those lashes

Curling our lashes is something a lot of people will skip when they are getting ready in a hurry. But there is something we all forget when we are hasting through our makeup routine. We are usually tired! Giving those lashes a little curl will open up your eyes and give you a more awake look. Quickly finish your lashes with a light layer of mascara and you’ll be looking wide awake and completely flawless.

Now of course every face is different and every person has their own routines and their own ways to prepare for the day. I personally skip my eyebrows most days when I don’t have time. However you may be someone who has to fill these in. So instead of mascara maybe you give your lashes a quick curl and skip the mascara. Take the time you would have for mascara to apply some brows. Modify where needed to suit you and give you the best look imaginable in 5 minutes or less and get you out the door looking amazing! No one will have guessed that it only took you 5 minutes to look this FLAWLESS!

Here are some YouTube tutorials for 5 minute makeup that may help you get some ideas for your own routine. Test it out and perfect it for the best you! Good luck, and let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

xo – Stephanie


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