Smokey Eye Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Do you have trouble getting that perfect smokey eye? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the perfect look!  These simple steps should help anyone from beginners to experts. I have added a couple of good tutorials from my fav’s on Youtube for you to check out as well!


  1. If you find you have excess makeup that falls down onto your cheeks, try applying your eye color before your regular foundation routine. (If you have acne prone skin you can follow these tips for full face coverage.)


  1. Apply eyeshadow primer. Primer helps to get that color where you want it, allowing you to control how light or dark you want each color to be. Eye shadow primer isn’t completely necessary. You can use your regular concealer as a good substitute, this way you start with a blank canvas.  But play with this, some women love the colored primers because it can enhance or emphasize certain eye shadow colors.


Here are some of my favorite primers!

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  1. Want a nice clean line? Try using scotch tape.  Yes you read that right, line the tape up with your lower lash line up towards the outside of your brow.  Please see the Jaclyn Hill Youtube video below for more info on this technique. If you are using this technique I highly recommend waiting to apply your foundation until after you completed your look and have removed your tape.


  1. Tap off any excess color from your brushes before each use.  So dip your brush in your color and then tap the brush before placing on your skin.  This will help with that extra you may get on your cheeks, and it will stop you from getting color where you don’t want it.  It goes exactly where you place it.


  1. Choose a base color. Pick a color that is very mild and use all over lid up into crease. (If you have hooded eyes see this tutorial by Stephanie Lange)  This color does not need to be dark, you’ll be blending with this color later anyways.  Try not to go too far into the corner of your eye.  You’ll want to brighten the inside to open up those beautiful peepers, and make you look more awake.


This is my favorite palette to use when going smokey, as I am not huge into sparkles everyday.  I use #1 for base, #2 for my darker outer “C” shape, if I want an even smokier look I will add a small amount of the matte black after my initial blend, and build until I am happy with the color. And I use #3 as my inner corner and highlight under my brow. These are my everyday colors.  I will switch this up when going to events based on my outfit, because I am that person!


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  1. Blend, Blend, Blend.  When you start adding your darker color onto the outer edge of your lid remember that a little goes a long way.  You can always add more, it is hard to go back if you put too much on right from the get go. So gently place a small amount of your darker color with a dense eyeshadow brush to the outer corner in a “C” shape.  I get the best effect when I keep this color under my crease.  Then take your blending brush with a bit of your base color and BLEND that darker color. Blend up, blend down, blend to mid lid, just blend, blend, blend.  This will be your best tool when doing a smokey eye.  If you feel that you want even more smoke go back in with your dark color and repeat the process, until you are happy with the results.


*click picture to shop blending brushes. If shopping Sigma brushes, visit Stephanie Lange’s Youtube channel for discount codes!

  1. Brighten your inner eye.  Go in with a light pink, white, or even take your regular highlighter to lighten up the inner corner of the lid.  And again blend this out into the mid lid.  Blending will get rid of any harsh lines.  You want these colors to look like they belong together. Apply this color along the lower brow line as well.


  1. Don’t forget you have a lower lash line. Most beginners will forget that you have two eyelids.  Some of you may have a very pronounced lower lid, or if you are like me you don’t even know it’s there. But we don’t want to forget this step. You can keep the color on your lower lid as simple or intense as you like.  For an everyday look, you could just add a small amount of your base color along the lower lid until you are happy with the density of it.  Or you can go darker and smoke out the outer corner just like the top lid for a more night time look!  This is completely customizable.  If you have never colored your bottom lid and aren’t comfortable with this look, simple might be better for you.  


  1. Tight Line. When you are ready to add eyeliner, try tightlining.  Tightlining for those who don’t know is adding your eyeliner right into your lash line.  Don’t worry about making this perfect, you can go in with a dense smudge brush and blend any mistakes giving even more effect to that smokey eye look! (Stephanie Lange shows this technique in the tutorial I have attached below)


  1. Practice.  No one does anything perfect on the first try.  We all have different preferences and we all know what looks best on ourselves, we’ve been perfecting it for years!  Go crazy or keep it simple.



You may have heard of Jaclyn Hill she has a huge following and does some great tutorials.  Check out this easy smokey cat eye look, she does here.  

Stephanie Lange does some amazing makeup tutorials for a range of people and she’s great a breaking everything down to help you step by step.  This tutorial she runs through pretty quick, but check out her channel for more in depth tutorials for every look!


There it is lovelies!  I hope something here helped on your smokey eye journey.  Leave a comment below of what helped and what didn’t, I would love to hear from you!


xo – Stephanie

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