No Sew DIY Blanket

That time of year is coming up again.  Yes that’s right I am talking about CHRISTMAS! I’m getting an early start on my gifts this year, and decided to share with you how I made these beautiful no sew fleece throw blankets!


I purchased my fabric online, from Your Fleece as I didn’t have anywhere in my home town to buy the quantities I was looking for.  This was where I found the most reasonable prices for what I was looking for. However shipping to Canada was extensive, and when it did finally arrive I still had to pay a Fedex bill so keep this in mind. Shop around, see what best suits your needs.  If you have time to wait for a sale even better!


I would suggest starting these when you have a stretch of time.  Binge watching your favorite show may be the perfect pass time while working on these.


Materials:  For this project you will want 1-½ yards of each print, and solid colors, and a pair of scissors.


Now let’s make a blanket!


Step One:

Lay out your two pieces of fleece, on a large space.  I cleared out my living room in front of my TV. It’s a good idea to make sure your floor is clean and swept, just to avoid your blanket dirty. (pet hair, etc) Lay the two pieces right side out, not that fleece really has a “right side” just choose the “fuzzier side”.  Whatever faces out is what you will see.

Step Two:

Using your scissors, simply cut into the fleece approximately every inch to the depth of your scissors.  In other words cut 3” into your fleece at 1” apart. This will automatically create the squared out corners.


* This was the first blanket I made so my corners were not perfect!  So don’t be discouraged if yours aren’t either!

Step Three:

Now is the time consuming part!  It’s time to tie all those little sets together. Makes it a bit easier if you move around your fabric, leaving your fabric stationary on the floor so everything lines up.

Step Four:

Some of the edges may start to bunch up.  Simply stretch it out gently. Fleece is a very forgiving fabric.  That’s what makes it perfect for this project!


Step Five:

Toss your blanket into the washer with a good amount of fabric softener, and tumble dry!  Now you are ready to get cozy and snuggle up with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the winter months to come!

I still have another 4 more of these to make, and choose to stick with the same fabrics.  But personalizing each blanket for each person is always a nice touch!


Check back in for more of my DIY Christmas gifts, and my gift box all put together!  I can’t wait to share it all with you!


Happy DIY’ing


xo – Stephanie


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