DIY Easy Christmas Gift

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s never to early to start checking people off your Christmas list with this easy DIY Christmas gift idea!


These homemade candles can be personalized for any one of those difficult to shop for family members.  And bonus, they are super easy to make!


Let’s get started!


Materials needed:

* I purchased my wax, mugs, candle wicks, and scent all from amazon.  Click the links under each to purchase, or view prices.


Natural soy wax (doesn’t necessarily need to be soy) I chose natural soy because it does not have a scent of it’s own.  You could also use beeswax.


Container for your candle.  I used moscow mule mugs, that I also got off amazon.  Mason Jars would work just as well.  


Candle Wicks.


Scent of your choice.


Something to keep your wicks straight.  I used clothespins.  You could you wooden shish kabob sticks.


A way to melt your wax.  I used two pots.  One with boiling water, and the second in the boiling water for the wax.


Step 1:

I started by getting my containers ready to go.  I made sure my cups were cleaned out and prepped my candle wicks with the clothes pins to make sure I had the right lengths.


Step 2:

Once my pot of water started to boil, I added my second pot with the soy wax.  Stirring constantly slowly letting the wax melt.  This took me about 15 minutes all together.


Step 3:

Once the wax was melted I dipped the bottom of the wicks (the metal part) into the wax, and placed back into the cups, gently pressing onto the bottom of the cup so that the wicks would stay centered when I started filling with wax.


Step 4:

Now that the wax is melted, I added my scent. I chose a pumpkin spice scent, and added a small dash of vanilla for a bit extra something, something. Add scent to your preference.  Remember that once the wax solidifies again the smell will not be as strong.  However it should be generally the same once it starts burning.


Step 5:

Time to start filling!  Now that you have the candle smell you want you can start filling up your containers.  Once I started adding my wax to my mugs, the bottoms that I had so strategically placed earlier did start to move slightly.  So I had to make sure once my container was full that the wick was still straight. But at this point the length of the wick, and your stabilizer (clothes pins) are in the right spot to keep the wick where you want it to be.


Step 6:

You could leave the candles as is at this point.  I however decided to add a bit of extra detail.  So once the candle started to cool and solidify I sprinkled a small amount of cinnamon on top to add some color and extra smell. I’ve also seen ones with whole cinnamon sticks.  Or if you use a coffee smell,  I’ve seen people add whole coffee beans on top!  Let your creative juices flow here!


That’s it!  It’s that simple!  You can customize these to anything you could possibly think of, and package them in a magnitude of ways!


If you have any questions or have given these a try, please leave me a comment below!  Would love to hear about it.  And check back for more Christmas goodness!


Happy DIY’ing!


xo – Stephanie


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